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Basketweave Parquet

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The Basketweave parquet may be created in almost any timber. Some floridly patterned timbers such as olive may present a confused image. A completely different appearance is achieved by the use of two or more timbers.


Basketweave should be more widely used than it is. Simple in design, it is an extremely elegant and well mannered parquet floor, which presents a fine backdrop for your rugs, furniture and decorations without competing for attention. It is a particularly attractive and useful pattern in rooms of irregular shape, as a pattern which can be continued easily into small spaces such as landings and in spaces where a pattern with a strong directional image is not wanted. The proportions of the design adapt well to rooms on the grand scale of large country houses as well as to modest cottages. The design has a heritage which fits it to many historic environments back as far as Tudor times as well as to contemporary minimalist.

The photograph to the right is a basketweave design in European Oak fitted on the diagonal. The Oak is Quarter Sawn with a high proportion of medullary ray , showing flashes of light across the grain, and giving the floor a rich contrast in colour. These battens are 75mm wide, 10mm thick.

The simple border framing the floor is 100mm wide but contrasting colours may be used to enhance a simple or complex design.

This photograph shows another basketweave installation which adds to the elegance of the room. Danish oil provides a natural finish. With love and care this floor will improve with age. The Oak is an 'quatier / faux quatier' grade, with a high proportion of medullary ray.

This Cherry wood basketweave is the exquisitely fitted and finished creation of Lorna Buchanan, one of our clients. When studying the photograph the 'giveaways' which qualify the quality of the fitting and finishing of the floor are the gleam of the finish, the mirror-like reflections of furnishings on the floor, the lack of sanding errors, the careful setting out to ensure absolute accuracy of the arrangements of the cuts along the borders, the lack of necessity for lots of joint filler.

This is work of the highest standard.

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