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Ancient Floors 2

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Wide Boards at Adams Antiques ,Churches Mansions in Nantwich


These are not floors which we have worked upon They are shown as examples and for comparison - and because they are seriously beautiful !

This is yet another extraordinary floor. Dating back to 1577 it is entirely original. You can read more about this magnificent and very rare original Merchants house by clicking here for the Wikipedia entry or here for the owners (Sandy Summers) pages which contain other lovely pictures of the interior.


These boards have been carefully and sympathetically restored. You can see the infills where the boards have originally shrunk when laid 'green'. The diagonal strap across the floor is the actual support beam in the ceiling below. The whole floor is fitted between the structural beams.

You can see by comparing this photograph with some of the floors we make today how , whilst we cannot make absolute copies of such original floors, our new wide boards are made precisely in the same spirit. Compare here.


This is an area of original floor which has been retained unrestored.


This is a reproduction 'ancient oak'. It is a 'character' grade of oak which has been fumed and distressed. This is available in random width long boards. It's image and feel is closer to the unrestored flooring than the restored flooring.